36 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Upgrade Your House

Table of Contents 1. Give dull wood surfaces some vibrancy back by going over them

Table of Contents

HGTV might as wall make you their next star.

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Give dull wood surfaces some vibrancy back by going over them with a miracle polish. It’ll add a layer of protection while restoring its luster.


I cannot speak highly enough about this product! It added beautiful, rich color back into my coffee table and now I want to use it on everything.

Promising review: “I was extremely impressed with this product! My first try was on my front door. The pictures speak for themselves. Wow! Then I used it on every wood surface. Huge Difference! I highly recommend it.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8.98.


Swap those boring ol’ light switch and outlet plates for new vintage-style covers. This is the kind of minimal effort I am looking for.


Promising review: “Feels quality, not flimsy. Installed in a bathroom and adds a nice classy vintage touch to my switch. The metal is not highly reflective, closer to a brushed look. Great for disguising fingerprints and blends in with other non-reflective metal hardware. When the light switch is frequently the first thing someone looks at and reaches for in a room, having a quality cover like this gets noticed and enhances a room very easily. I can’t believe I’m still writing about how much I enjoy a light switch cover.” —Tom Generic Dude

Get it from on Amazon for $6.99+ each (available in multiple outlet styles and more colors here).


Replace and dingy and worn out doors with a barn-door sliding option. Doors can get pricey, but this hollow version looks like the real deal and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Promising review: “So we shopped around awhile for barn doors and kept coming back to these. We knew that we’d probably never close them and theyd just be more of a decorative piece. That being said, we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. A full kit for $179 was hard to pass up. These are the hollow core without the smooth stop. Instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. After reading other reviews and knowing we’d be mounting two doors instead of one, we opted to utilize a backer board. Lowe’s sold a nice painted 16 footer for $30. I read one review that said the template for the handles was wrong and I can confirm that was true for both of these doors. We just measured and marked the holes with no issues. I would not hesitate to purchase this product again or recommend it. The job could be done by one person but it was much easier with two!” —Anthony

Get it from Lowe’s for $189.


Throw some artificial monstera stems in a vase to add an instant fresh and stylish vibe. Bonus: there’s zero watering on your part.


Promising review: “These look and feel real. I added them to an artificial plant and you’d never know either of them were fake. Feels like a rubber tree plant if you know what that is 🙂 Just what I was looking for.” —D’s Wife

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+.


Apply peel-and-stick tile on your bathroom walls for a small but mighty transformation that won’t set you back an entire paycheck.


Promising review: “This brought new life to my super boring kitchen! This was much easier than I thought and was really worried about taking on this project but I’m glad I did. Took me over three hours from start to finish.” —Blood Agent

Read the rest of this customer’s in-depth review for some handy tips and tricks.

Get six tiles from Amazon for $22.90.


You can even use peel-and-stick tile as a great kitchen backsplash dupe that’ll look like you dropped a good chunk of cash and time for the real thing.


Promising review: “Love how it turned out! We laid out the entire area to line up squares and match grout lines before cutting. Applying to the wall takes caution and patience to get it right but it is beautiful in the end. I have a guillotine paper cutter that was great to make long straight cuts. Scissors also worked fine on smaller cuts. We also took the advice of other users and cut out the ‘overlap here’ squares. Took about four hours to complete.” —Virginia S OHara

Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in eight styles).


Annnd, there are even peel-and-stick tiles for the floor! Completely elevate your bathroom with a fresh flooring vibe with Floorpops that are water resistant and washable.


Promising review: “Love, love, love these floor peel-and-stick tiles. They are easy to use. They look like a professionally installed them. I just wished they didn’t sell out so quickly. I want to buy more.” —diy

Get a set of 20 from Target for $16.49.


Hang cage pendant lights above your bathroom sinks, nightstands, or really anywhere in your house that could use a little extra light (and charm!).

amazon.com, amazon.com

The cord measures 4.9 feet. Does not include bulbs, but you can get a set of compatible Edison bulbs here.

Promising review: “This little light is perfect for extra/accent lighting! I’m very impressed with the quality of the metal cage, and it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to install. We needed it to be shorter in order to fit in the space we wanted it, so we just trimmed the wire to our desired length. We’re very pleased with our purchase!” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $21.89 each.


And! Use a very handy, recessed light conversion kit so you can finally hang those gorgeous pendant lights you’ve been eyeing.


Promising review: “I recently installed three of these to convert can lights into track lights and they worked perfectly. After I installed the first one, which took about 20 minutes, the other two went in in about 10 minutes each. The finished product looks great. The medallions look good on my ceiling. The base of the track lights fit into them perfectly. You could also not use the medallions if the base of your fixture is large enough to cover the can light. This is a quick and easy way to convert lights.” —Earth Spirits

Get it from Amazon for $16.97+.


And since you’re now in the market for pendant lights, hang these vintage-style glass lights with some Edison bulbs for a sophisticated look that won’t require a pricey renovation.


The cord measures 10 inches so you have the freedom to adjust the height as desired.

Promising review: “I received lots of compliments and when I tell them I got them on Amazon, they’re surprised! They’re especially shocked when I tell them how much I paid. You definitely can’t beat the price! It’s a simple design with a ‘WOW!’ statement. I definitely recommend these pendants!” —KMags

Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (bulb *not* included), and a four-pack of Edison bulbs for $16.49.


Create a DIY art ledge by hanging narrow shelves on a smaller wall so it draws the eye across the room making it look bigger. Plus, it gives you a place to show off your favorite photos!


Switch things up on the exterior by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. I mean, this rich blue door is 😍.


Promising review: “Excellent product. Very easy to use. We were able to paint our front door with two coats and be finished all in one day. The product is a very thick consistency that doesn’t cause it to drip, run, splatter, or ruin your paint brushes. And there is very little prep work and clean up.” —Jay

Get it from Amazon for $33.74+ (available in 32 colors).


And! Hang a set of retro-looking address numbers because the outside of your home deserves some pizzazz, too.

Home Decor by YaLe / Etsy


Add frosted films to windows and other glass surfaces so you can enjoy some dang privacy without having to rely on bulky curtains. It also looks so great on display cabinets!

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “So easy to use. Quick and beautiful solutions to unique window needs. I love this window in my apartment but was force to hide it behind a curtain for privacy. This finally allowed me to showcase the window and make it a unique focal point with the design. Used my Cricut craft machines to cut even 10″x10″ squares. So easy.” —N.R.

Get it from Amazon for $9.98+ (available in four sizes).


Create a new bed and couch aesthetic by changing the look of your pillows with these pom-pom pillow covers. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes all the difference!


Just keep in mind these are pillow *covers*, so you’ll need to select a size to fit your current pillows, OR buy pillow inserts starting at $7.99. If you like your pillows fuller, make sure you size down the pillow covers by two inches so you can achieve that firm, fluffy look.

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in four sizes and 24 styles/colors).


Or if you want to really go all out, get a new bed spread — like say, this very sleek duvet cover with a modern, simple print.


Promising review: “I was a bit apprehensive buying this duvet cover online, mostly because I have pretty sensitive skin, and a lot of fabric will irritate it if I’m not careful, and not being able to actually feel the product was a bit of a risk factor for me. However, the fabric is comfortable and breathable (Note: it’s not insanely soft, but soft nonetheless), the print is GORGEOUS and looks almost exactly like the picture. Overall, a great product; I highly recommend it.” —Tarini

Get it from Amazon for $44.99+ (available in sizes twin-king and more styles/prints here).

And, if you don’t have a duvet yet, check this $29+ one out!


Hang up a multifunctional shelf that’s A) actually stylish, B) versatile enough for the kitchen or bathroom, and C) easy wall decor. It even comes with hooks for utensils!

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “We purchased this to hang coffee mugs over our coffee maker to free up some space, and get things off the counter, with the shelf. I want to get another one to use as a paper towel holder, it should work out fine the pole is far enough away from the wall. The wide shelf will be nice because that is the place we keep the dogs meds, and right now the shelf we have is so narrow they fall off all the time.” —Wendy

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in five colors).


Plop your sweet plant child in a trendy seagrass basket. There’s no need to repot and spill soil everywhere to upgrade your plant’s home.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “It’s exactly like the photo and looks great in my entryway. The pot was 10.5 inches at the top and fits perfectly (a little snug getting it through the opening, but since the middle of the basket is wider, it has plenty of room once in). I have some of those gray/white Moroccan-style throw pillows and rugs that are trendy at the moment, and this blends in great with the decor.” —Erika Millen

Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in more styles here).


Or if you want to go a little of the box, use them to make some freakin’ cool pendant lights:


Look no further than a custom neon sign to create some on-point trend that’ll bring bowling alley, nightclub vibes wherever you hang it. Pick from 36 different fonts and 12 colors, and you’ll have an incredibly cool piece that’s made just for you.

Metal Signs Designs

This small biz has a variety of signs you can choose from, including pre-made designs and shapes.

Promising review: “This store is AMAZING!!! This is my second neon sign I’ve purchased here and I’m obsessed!!! The seller is amazing and did such a great job making my vision come alive. Shipping takes some time but it’s totally worth it. I highly recommend shopping here for your neon sign desires!” —Serenity Silva

Get it from Metal Signs Designs on Etsy for $30+.


Get a roll of marble contact paper and go to town. Really — you can use this to transform countertops, furniture, picture frames, and the list goes on (and on…).


Trade in any heavy-linen curtains for a sheer option because it’ll heighten the room while also brightening up the space. Just peep this living room! *Swoons.*


Promising review: “I LOVE THESE! I was looking for something to brighten my apartment up and to make it feel bigger. I’m so, so, so glad I decided to go with these! I was so scared while opening them. I ordered four white 95-inch sets. I just threw them in the dryer for 2-3 minutes to de-wrinkle them and hung them. These are amazingly cheap for how nice they are! Definitely makes my apartment feel like HOME. I would recommend these to anyone.” —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in 10 sizes and 23 colors).


Add carriage-style magnets to your garage door to give it some undeniable charm that required veeery little work on your part.

amazon.com, amazon.com

Promising review: “If you’re looking for instant curb appeal with little effort, you need to get these. These haven’t moved in large rain storms or excessive wind and hopefully won’t rust out like the more expensive drilled sets like my neighbors have since there are no exposed screws or hardware.” —SG

(They won’t rust out at all because they’re made of a super durable UV- and weather-resistant plastic.)

Get them from Amazon for $11.68+ (available in three style sets).


Breathe some life back into dated furniture with a couple coats of chalk paint. Chalk paint adheres well to furniture, so it only requires a bit of prep work on your end.


Chalk paint is thick and dries quickly. And because of its consistency, you don’t have to spend hours sanding. Just give your piece a quick cleaning and light sanding, and your prep work is done!

Promising review: “I just moved and have been refinishing a lot of furniture to match my new design. This paint has been amazing. It only requires a little elbow grease (just washing furniture clean and a light sanding) and it’s ready to paint and finish! So much easier than before requiring endless sanding and preparation. I did a large dresser with just half a can of this paint and it turned out great. Highly recommend.” —Christina Gomes

Get it from Amazon for $10.88+ (available in 12 colors).


Bring in some color and personality with a statement-making decal. It’ll happily take the place of the headboard you’ve had since you were a teenager. Does it get any easier than sticking something to a wall?

Lili Momo Designs

This cute small business, based in Black Rock, Connecticut, creates stunning wall murals and decals, plus event signs and more.

Promising review: “AMAZING!! I have trouble seeing shades of grey, particularly on computer screens, but the shop owner kindly worked with me developing this custom piece. She was so patient and kind, because it took a few mock ups. I really appreciated her willingness to work with me and help me achieve the look I wanted. I can’t thank her enough, you won’t regret working with her.” —GitaJafar

Get it from Lili Momo Designs on Etsy for $72+ (available in three sizes).


Swap your bathroom sink faucet for a modern, waterfall one. It’s a small job that’ll make a big difference.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising review: “What a gorgeous faucet! Not only does this waterfall faucet have the good looks and style one would expect in an expensive faucet, it is high quality – but at a ridiculously low price! We wanted a unique look in our remodeled bathroom and could not be happier with this faucet. P.S. The cats love it too. ;-)” —FlamNgoil

Get it from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in four finishes).


Show off those family portraits by *easily* creating a gallery wall. This seven-piece frame set includes a template so you’ll have some extra help when it comes to the actual hanging part. Phew.


Promising review: “Great buy! These are light enough that you can easily use the command wall strip and not need to make holes in your walls. It comes with a template for placent which I did not follow but nice to have if you are unsure of what to hang where.” —Beatrice

Get it from Wayfair for $40.99 (available in three colors).


And to make it even easier, use a picture-hanging tool to take all the stress out of hanging a gallery wall (or even just one shelf or frame). It’s basically a tape measure with a built-in level, and two slidey points designed for effortlessly marking the precise spots where you need to hammer your nails.


Ooooohhh, the amount of times I have a hung up a picture just to take a step back and realize it is very crooked; it’s too many to count.

Promising review: “While hanging shelves and frames and other wall decorations shouldn’t be rocket science, I make things more complicated than they should be. Leveling is where I normally falter. With the Hang-O-Matic it becomes an exact science! It’s so simple to use! I’ve hung over 10 items on our walls this past weekend and it was a breeze with this tool. Just measure, put the tape to the wall where you want it, ensure your tape is level, and then push the marker pins in to know where you need to put in your anchors/hooks. When you’re doing it solo, this tool is absolutely priceless!” —Shameel Kumar

Get it on Amazon for $14.58.


OR! Leave it up to the professionals and have your best photos matted, framed, and sent to you with different templates so you can perfectly hang them.


All you have to do is select your layout and send in the pictures you want, and they’ll frame everything for you.

Get it from Framebridge starting at $249.


Apply copper tape around pictures frames or in an abstract design to give your gallery wall a simple but sweet update.


Add a hanging macrame chair in an empty corner for some boho glam you’ll never get tired of. Just think of all the great books you’ll read in this thing.


Promising review: “Great item. I was going to buy one from Pier 1 that was much more expensive. The only problem with those are they are very large and after taking the measurements it would not work unless you had really high ceilings. This is perfect for hanging in a room without taking up too much space. You will have to buy hanging hardware and a rope. I bought this rope and hanging kit. It is very sturdy and the chair looks really nice.” —AmaniSofia

Read the rest of this review for more in-depth hanging instructions.

Get it from Amazon for $49.99.


Upgrade all of your cabinet hardware with trendy pulls and knobs. It’ll refresh your bathroom, kitchen, or furniture without having to do any major renovations.

amazon.com / amazon.com

Promising review: “Very happy with my purchase of these stainless steel pulls. I’ve been shopping around and these are 1/3 of the cost from the same ones I seen at Lowe’s. Easy to install and made a huge difference in my kitchen appearance. Definitely would recommend this product!” —Kevin M Saxton

Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $17.97+ (available in four sizes and five finishes).


Swap any bulky furniture legs for something more modern and sleek. Your Ikea furniture is about to like it ~walked~ straight out of a West Elm catalog.


Promising review (acrylic legs): “I love the acrylic legs I purchased for the white modern leather chair and sofa! Replacing the brown wooden legs with these clear acrylic legs changed the entire look and transformed it to a high-end contemporary look! LOVE!!” —Terri Jaggers

Get a four-pack of the clear acrylic legs (left) from Amazon for $36.99+ (available in two sizes).


Or! Upcycle and add height to old furniture by changing out the legs for hairpin legs. I seriously can’t stop staring at this before and after:


Promising review: “I needed a really narrow coffee table for my family room as I’d just purchased a fairly deep leather couch. I decided to use a really cool piece of reclaimed lumber we found on the side of the road two years ago. I sanded, stained, waxed, and added these 16-inch legs. OMG I’m in LOVE! They not only arrived fast, but were in perfect condition, and came with screws and great instructions. They’re well-made, sturdy, and I love the matte finish.” —Timothy Johnson

Get a set of four from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in six sizes).


Add a bold rug to any room for a fun pop of color and print. Rugs tie an entire room together, they just do.

Kris from IL / Wayfair

Promising review: “Soft, well made and fun. Despite being white (its more of a wheat color, like cream of wheat) it is very stain resistant.” —Holly

Get it from The Novogratz for $159.99+ (available in three sizes).


And don’t forget the kitchen and hallway! Popping a textured rug (like this one!) into those narrow areas is a great way to create some glam.

Rugs USA

Promising review: “I LOVE this rug. I was a little hesitant that it would be too much of a statement or too girly, but once the furniture is placed on/around it it’s a fun, neutral rug. I’ve been using a hand vacuum, as recommended, and it’s very easy to clean/hides dirt well. My large dog got sick on it (twice) the other night, and with generic carpet cleaner spray it cleaned up without a problem. It even cleaned out of the white fluffy part, which pleasantly surprised me. I’m so happy I decided to go for it, I definitely recommend this rug!”

Get it from Rugs USA for $38.70+ (available in five shapes and colors, and tons of sizes).

Now, go make Chip and Joanna proud.


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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