Ask the Remodeler: A toilet flooring option to cushion falls

Q. My spouse has syncope (a short-term loss of consciousness triggered by a drop in

Q. My spouse has syncope (a short-term loss of consciousness triggered by a drop in blood stress). As a end result, I’m pondering of subbing out the ceramic tile in the toilet for a softer flooring. What are your ideas on employing ⅜-inch foam rubber tiles? Get bars will not support she faints also quickly. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


A. I can recognize the will need to cushion the floor, but you shouldn’t eliminate the ceramic tile. You need to have it to preserve water from the tub/shower from acquiring to the subfloor. Rather, I would contemplate rubber mats that can be eradicated, cleaned, and dried out. There are very a few products and solutions on the market place for household use, including interlocking rubber flooring pads that would give great traction/cushioning and are also quick to remove and clean.

Q. In 1 of your columns, you propose in no way applying metal to reline a flue in a wood-burning fire (”Question the Remodeler: How to degree off a garage to change it into an business office,” Aug. 8). I have an unlined chimney which is about 90 yrs previous and leaks into the firebox of our wood-burning fireplace. A single mason put in a chain-operated flap, which did not help. One more mason “waterproofed” the chimney, but it however leaks. I know I must have the chimney lined, and many masons have advised a steel 1. I have also had proposals to repoint the chimney (I can see exactly where the mortar has failed), but I want to quit the leaks, which no a single will promise. What is the challenge with a metallic liner in a wooden-burning hearth? Corrosion? What is the relining system wherever cement is utilized? What do you propose?

J.B., Jamaica Simple

A. Though we would under no circumstances have set up a metallic liner for a wooden-burning fire, there are some faculties of thought in just the market that say it is Alright if you use stainless metal and put in it correctly. On the other hand, they are pricey and do nothing to fortify a chimney like a forged-in-put cement technique will. The leak could be coming in from the chimney crown or leading, unsuccessful mortar all around the sides, or at the flashing where it connects to the roof or facet of the dwelling.

My recommendations: Have a mason inspect and, if essential, repair service and seal the crown. Next, have the mason grind out and repoint as needed, making use of a lime-based mostly mortar if the bricks are aged h2o-struck types. Next, if the mason is not up to it, have a roofer reflash the chimney where by it connects to the property using an ice and water shield, new stage flashing, and new lead flashing. The chimney flashing is the place we see a whole lot of leaks. Using care of all those a few points ought to quit any leaking. Again, our recommendation is a solid-in-spot liner to definitely fortify the chimney, but you can take into account a sprayed a person or a correctly set up stainless-metal liner.

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