BMW M4 CSL Gets BIG Sound Upgrade From Valvetronic Exhaust!


Hey everyone,
We are so fortunate to share this opportunity we had earlier to make a future classic sound as special as it truly is!

This car comes courtesy of one of our longtime Valvetronic Customers. Having owned many vehicles from McLarens, Porsches and beyond, this customer has great taste and was super excited for the CSL. The customer received the car about one month ago and quickly took care of the break-in miles and enjoyed his first track day. The feedback we received from the customer about the car was sensational. Truly a big step beyond the normal M4 competition. As is the current state of regulations today, the CSL suffers from the same problem as all G8X, even with the addition of the titanium back box. The car does not have the aggressive sound to back up the very aggressive performance. Having been able to enjoy the car in person myself, this is quite a step up from the traditional M4 competition, the way the transmission shifts, the steering, and the overall firmness of the experience feels a lot more thoroughbred than the traditional M4 competition. Dial the car back into the comfort and it’s still extremely stiff. What was disheartening was no matter how hard you pushed the car the sound was never very fruity.

The factory muffler on the CSL is the only part of the exhaust that is titanium. You can see in the pictures attached below there are clamps where the rear muffler casing is located. The rest of the piping from the rear of the back box all the way to the front of the vehicle is exactly the same as a traditional BMW M4 competition. This new back box doesn’t change the sound much but adds a little bit of a unique flare to the sound. There is not a noticeable volume change compared to an M4 competition but the sound is slightly different. Additionally, the pops and cracks have been increased in order to give more emotion.

After working with a customer at length and experiencing the car for ourselves in person we agreed that the single Valvetronic mid pipe would be the ideal sound solution for the vehicle. This mid-pipe works with the new titanium back box and gives a very aggressive sound but is not overbearing. Perfect for track use and enjoyment on the street. The sound is roughly 30% to 40% louder than the factory and the sound quality is significantly increased. With a single mid pipe installed the exhaust tones are deeper and more enjoyable in the cabin and the experience remains rasp free on the exterior with a smooth sound all the way to the red line. With the car in sport plus, the cracks are super aggressive on overrun and the experience is far improved. A great solution for a vehicle that deserves to sing!

The video link is attached here. Take a moment to enjoy and comment on what you think of the sound!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!