Mercedes-Benz Retains 8th place in Best Global Brands 2022

Mercedes-Benz Retains 8th place in Best Global Brands 2022

Mercedes-Benz retained its 8th location in the Greatest World wide Brands 2022 ranking and its market worth improved by 10%. Mercedes-Benz is the only European brand name in the Major 10 and the best ranked top quality brand name in the top rated 10.

The “Best Worldwide Brands” ranking is carried out each year by the renowned American model consultancy Interbrand and since 2018 Mercedes has been rated 8th in this hierarchy.

Mercedes kept its 8th area in 2022 and the brand’s current market price enhanced by 10% to USD 56.103 billion. This proves that Mercedes’ method is the right a single.
In 2021, Mercedes-Benz spun off its Daimler Truck division and this yr refocused its electrification system from “Electric First” to “Electric Only” . Mercedes intends to provide only electrical cars and trucks from 2030 in which current market situations allow.

At the similar time, the boost in brand name price can also be described by the reorientation to the luxury segments Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and G-Course and their electrification.

Mercedes-Benz’s most important rivals, BMW and Audi, rank 13th and 46th respectively. Tesla, whose products compete with some Mercedes-Benz electric products, also climbed to 12th location. Porsche is only 53rd with $13.504 billion whilst Lexus is not in the leading 100.

Right here are the top rated 10 brand names in 2022
1.  Apple.                 482.215 billion USD      +18%
2. Microsoft            278.288 billion USD      +32%
3. Amazon              274.819 billion USD      +10%
4. Google                251.751 billion USD      +28%
5. Samsung            87.689  billion USD      +17%
6 . Toyota               59.757 billion USD        +10%
7. Coca-Cola          57.535 billion USD         0%
8. Mercedes-Benz 56.103 billion USD        +10%
9. Disney                 50.325 billion USD
10. Nike                  50.289 billion USD
11. McDonald’s      48,647 billion USD
12. Tesla                  48,002 billion USD
13 BMW                   46,331 billion USD
14. Louis Vuitton   44,508 billion USD
16. Instagram         36.516 billion USD
17. Facebook          34,538 billion USD
21 Adobe                 30,660 billion USD
25 Youtube             24,268 billion USD
26. Honda              22,837 billion USD
28. Ikea                   21,928 billion USD
34. Allianz              18,694 billion USD
35. Hyundai          17,314 billion USD
46 Audi                   14,976 billion USD