North Carolina might cut taxes on income, cigars, cemeteries, vaccines

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  • Burial plots offered for sale or rent would be exempt from property taxes.
  • Excise taxes on cigars would be capped at 30 cents per cigar.
  • Millions would be spent on museums in Cumberland and Onslow counties.

Do North Carolinians want a tax cut for cemetery owners and cigar shops? Do they want tax increases for other cigar vendors and for some car rentals that previously were tax-free?

What about the cancellation of income taxes for corporations, while workers would still have to pay 3.99%? And do voters want the state to devote nearly $765 million to special projects and groups like museums, water and sewer systems, dams, airport facilities and private nonprofit organizations? 

Those are some of the things the Republicans who control the state Senate said would be good for the state of North Carolina when they voted in late June to spend $25.7 billion of the public’s money in the next 12 months and $26.6 billion over the following 12 months.