Quirky China: Female operates 49 red lights in ex’s auto, Japanese manga boycott in excess of Taiwan and rice paddy art for CCP, China News

A lady who took her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and ran 49 crimson lights for revenge has been arrested and billed along with yet another male who served her, the Global Occasions has documented.

Police in Shaoxing, east China’s Zhejiang province, reported a male surnamed Chen was confident to lease an Audi from the car’s owner, surnamed Qian.

Chen later handed the automobile to a further gentleman, named Zhu, who alongside with a lady named Lou ran 49 purple lights ahead of they were caught by local police and detained for rushing.

Police explained that Qian and Lou had dated previously and that Lou was furious that Qian remaining her for another female.

After being questioned by law enforcement about their conduct, Zhu admitted that he questioned his close friend, Chen, to lease the vehicle for him.

He mentioned he agreed to go along with the plot because Lou mentioned she would date him if he pulled it off.

Chinese anime followers in outrage over Taiwan

A Japanese anime is the most current in a prolonged line of celebrities, firms, publications and organisations to enrage China by referring to Taiwan as a state, claimed the Worldwide Instances.

A latest episode of the anime Kengan Omega featured a character from Taiwan in dialogue with a character from Mongolia.


“You do not feel to have freedom,” reported the Mongolian character. “Do I? You have not been to Taiwan, have you,” replied the character from Taiwan.

Inspite of not contacting Taiwan a region, Chinese followers right away leapt to the conclusion that this was the intent behind the trade and immediately flew into a rage on line.

“The dialogue hints that the Chinese mainland has no liberty and it treats the island of Taiwan as a nation,” claimed 1 online Chinese commenter quoted by the World Times .

The Japanese series was initially aired in 2019 and promptly received a large next amid Chinese anime and manga supporters.

Just lately, actor John Cena issued an apology to Chinese followers after accidentally contacting Taiwan a state in an job interview although advertising the most current instalment in the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Rice paddy artwork celebrates Celebration centenary


A variety of rice paddies in Helan county, in China’s Ningxia Hui autonomous location, have been shaped to make artwork celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party when considered from over.

The centenary celebrations were being not the to start with time these paddies have been shaped to celebrate essential Chinese authorities anniversaries. They have been a tourist attraction for a long time and very last year there were additional than 200,000 readers.

This yr, the paddies have been shaped into objects this sort of as a junk boat, sailing under Chinese people that means the “red boat spirit”, a reference to the party’s supposed fearlessness.

Other paddies ended up made into messages in Chinese people, high-speed trains and of people today celebrating the Communist Party’s achievements.

This report was initial released in South China Early morning Put up.