What Are Examples of Natural Gas?  

What Are Examples of Natural Gas?  

Today, a lot is being said about different types of energy resources. The world is in the middle of an energy crisis, and a lot of people have been turning to natural gas. At the same time, this is a relatively vague term, and a lot of people do not know exactly what is meant by natural gas. There are lots of different types of natural gas available, and it is important to understand where they are found and how they can be used. Then, it is important to listen to the first sector experts, such as the team at Optus Energy LLC, who can place people in the best position possible to get the most use out of their gas resources.

What Are Examples of Natural Gas?  


One of the most common types of natural gas is called biogas. This is the type of gas that is produced when organic matter decomposes. If there is no oxygen present, then the organic matter goes through a process known as aerobic decomposition. This type of decomposition only takes place in areas such as landfills and waste dumps where byproducts are decomposing. Biogas can be used as a source of combustion, creating a renewable energy source. This is an area of research, and Optus is familiar with it.

Deep Natural Gas

Another common type of natural gas is called deep natural gas. This is an unconventional natural gas. Some forms of natural gas can be located relatively close to the surface. In contrast, this type of natural gas is found close to 15,000 feet under the surface of the Earth. Even though there are some techniques that have been developed to access this resource, it is not economically or environmentally feasible to dig this far into the ground. That being said, this is still something that some companies are researching.


A very common type of natural gas that most companies are familiar with is called shale. It is a type of unconventional deposit, and it is a fine, sedimentary rock that does not disintegrate when it is exposed to water. Scientists have discovered that the substance is so impermeable that it is closer to a hard sponge than a rock. There are thick sheets of this impermeable rock and sediment that can sandwich layers of natural gas between them. It is hard to access this type of natural resource because it requires hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. Then, it is possible to access the gas in between the rocks, which can be used as a source of energy.

Tight Gas

Some companies are also interested in something known as type gas. This is an unconventional natural gas, and it is trapped in an underground location. It is very difficult to access, and advanced mining practices have to be used. This is something that Optus Energy is exploring, but it is also important to consider the impact of these practices on the environment.

Natural Gas Will Become More Popular

Because there are lots of locations throughout the world that are having a difficult time accessing the energy sources they need, many of them are turning to natural gas. This could provide an opportunity for those with the right practices, but it is important to work with a team that can help people find the best possible way to access these resources.